Planning to visit India and the Sub Continents?

Are you planning a holiday to the most traveled destination of the world, India? Let me tell you, however famous a destination India is, it is still the least explored one. The regular itineraries are too mainstream! Why not go for offbeat destinations? These offbeat destinations are filled with culture, colors, unexplored alleys, monuments and yes, scrumptious cuisines. There is so much that India has to offer! Perhaps, there is so much that we have to offer for your tour to India. Looking for great deals and discounts? Mail us on for alluring offers!

Also, you get to connect with us directly at The New York Times Travel Show 2014 at Jacob K. Javitz Convention Center on March 1st and 2nd at booth #142.

We provide luxury at the best prices and we mean it! If you’re in New York or plan to visit New York in late February, don’t forget to witness the New York Times Travel Show and meet us there for the discounted rates and other add ons!


3 comments on “Planning to visit India and the Sub Continents?

  1. I’d love to live in a place that had a visual history that went back further than San Diego’s mere 165 years. It must be a photographer’s paradise!

  2. Thank You for your comment.

    It indeed is a photographer’s paradise. Not only the hundreds of years old monuments, but the palaces, forts, luxury hotels, hotels built in palaces, etc are very fascinating.

    Whenever you plan to visit, my company would love to organize the tour for you and your team.

    You can directly mail me at

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